Codrigo will save you time & money.

Codrigo helps you avoid the pitfalls of development trails. Find out how our step-by-step approach turns your project into a success.

Lead time Lead time too long

Budget overrun Budget overrun

Business view No clear business view

Quality and scope Impact on quality & scope

Overall project Impact on overall project

Business and product result Impact on business and product result

Four steps for successful software delivery



To build a software solution that’s right for your business, we first need to know you better.

Ultimate goal iconWhat do you ultimately want to achieve, now and in the future?
Challenge icon How can we challenge you to get the best out of your ideas?
Improve icon What's your situation now - and how can we improve it?
We use several techniques to think about possible approaches together. It’s the ideal way to get a shared understanding of what we want to achieve.


How can we launch a first version of your application as soon as possible? Let's first define our Minimal Viable Product with the most essential features.

Product backlog iconDefine product backlog(s) with MVP priorities
User stories icon Define functionality in detailed user stories with wireframing
Communication icon Recheck and communicate with your business


It’s time for your application to finally take shape. You are continuously involved in our agile feedback loop, so that we can make it even better in the next iteration.

Build icon


Learn icon




Feedback icon

Collect feedback

This agile delivery cycle gives you a clear overview. It also creates a shared understanding of the work in progress and possible improvements for the next iteration.

Your gain

Growing iconYou can focus on what’s essential: your business growth

Quick iconQuick releases ensure low risk and high business value.

Flexibility iconFlexible team staffing depending on your needs at a certain time.

Injected iconMethodologies, tools, knowhow & more are injected into your organization.

Transparency iconHigh transparency in scope, timing and budget.

Business iconClose business involvement ensures seamless implementation of all requirements.

Info icon Update

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