We inject your teams with our knowhow

Next to delivering software, we also gladly inject your teams with our broad knowledge. We care, so we share. What we exactly mean by that? Check our consultancy offerings!

Our consultancy offerings

Business Analysis icon

Business Analysis

We explore your business processes to find out which technologies will help you face today’s B2B and B2C challenges.

Agile Functional Analysis icon

Agile Functional Analysis

More than a mere supplier, we want to be a part of your IT culture. We collaborate closely with your teams to understand your infrastructure and architecture.

Agile Project Management icon

Agile Project Management

Our agile project managers and scrum masters organise, track and plan every project to ensure smooth end-to-end software delivery.

Application Lifecycle Management icon

Application Lifecycle Management

We help you set up the full application lifecycle management process and tooling. It’s crucial for all involved to keep track of those processes that lead to a high-quality product.

Efficiency assessment & optimalisation icon

Efficiency assessment & optimalisation

Ready for an on-site assessment of your software delivery department? We look at the complete process and optimise it, so that your teams will perform better than ever!

Agile Project Management icon

Collaborative tooling

Atlassian Stack is the ideal collaboration tool, if you ask us. We set it up and make sure it fits seamlessly in your processes. This way, your people can focus on what’s most important.

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