Codrigo develops Virtual Center for Oh! Mechelen

Versatile tool ensures smooth visitor experience

Oh! Mechelen is a dynamic meeting place for creative entrepreneurs at Mechelen’s historical center. Now wait … creativity, entrepreneurship? Sounds like a perfect match for Codrigo, as we share the same DNA!

When Oh! Mechelen asked us to develop an automated and virtual center for its visitors, we didn’t need to think twice. True to our Codrigo Code, we got going!

Agile workshops for effective development

Are you visiting a company at Oh! Mechelen? Then you will first register at the new Virtual Center at the entrance. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and highly efficient. And it’s been developed by Codrigo. How we did it? Agility is the key word. It all started with agile workshops with the stakeholders of Oh! Mechelen to map their business needs. We then started developing according to Kanban: a Japanese manufacturing methodology which is now also applied for software development.

The Virtual Center standing in the entrance of Oh! Mechelen.

Features of the virtual center

Interactive VOIP experience to contact business owners by appointment.
Reception services for visitors.
Meeting room arrangement and route guidelining plans for meeting attendees.
Package delivery services for business owners Reporting tool for management.
The development team working hard on the Virtual Center.

Kanban encourages continuous improvement

Kanban enabled us to switch priorities, while pushing development forward. After each release, we immediately prepared a new version, based on instant feedback from Oh! Mechelen visitors. As Kanban is also about continuous improvement or ‘Kaizen’,
we constantly challenged ourselves, looking at what could be done better. In fact, we integrated a Scrum approach: every morning, we gathered round the board to focus on progress and detect bottlenecks.
The Virtual Center on its pedestal showing scanner and webcam.

A versatile tool to ensure top experiences

It was a challenging project, but it paid off. Today, the Virtual Center ensures that everything runs smoothly at Oh! Mechelen. Want to contact a business? The interactive VOIP experience makes it easy. Book a meeting room, or even get a route plan to get there? No problem: you can count on The Virtual Center.
It even tackles package delivery services. Thanks to its reporting tool, management stays up to date. And last but not least: as it runs in the cloud, flawless uptime and high availability is guaranteed. Talking about creative entrepreneurship!.
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