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Codrigo gets you up & running faster.

You need an application now. So why wait? At Codrigo, we get down to business.
We make sure you are up and running in no time, while checking all the quality boxes.
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6 reasons to go Codrigo

Your time is short, and your application should already have been launched. So here are 6 good reasons to go Codrigo. The first and foremost one is our team, which consists of talented professionals, ready to go for it. Discover them all!

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Get going in no time

We get your application up and running in just a few weeks. Faster time-to-market and regular updates result in maximum business value.

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Enjoy high quality

Our testing techniques reduce bug rates to the minimum, so that you enjoy low cost of ownership and an exponential return on investment.

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Choose your collaboration

We can develop your software in our own office.
But we can also work on your premises – or even in a hybrid manner, on various locations.

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Extend your business

More than a mere supplier, we want to be an extension of your business.
We aim to be a part of your IT culture, including deep collaboration with your teams.

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Build on true partnership

We’re in this together. While you keep full ownership of your software solution, your profit and satisfaction are crucial to us at every moment.

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Keep a full overview

From day one, demos and status meetings ensure that you remain in the loop. And while we give tailored advice, we sincerely listen to your feedback.

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Codrigo at a glance

67 Passionate
IT experts

100% Company resources
No near or off-shoring

92% Customer
satisfaction score

392 Years of
combined experience

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