A dynamic tool for a healthy workplace

Codrigo builds HealthScan application for Energy Lab

Got Olympic plans? Or maybe you just want to move more? Whatever you want to achieve, it’s a good idea to work with Energy Lab: the innovative center that helps you realize your sporting ambitions in a balanced and scientific way. Energy Lab recently teamed up with Codrigo for further development of HealthScan: a unique application that ensures better physical guidance at the workplace.

Scanning the organization’s health & happiness

Portret of Klaes De Waele Klaas De Waele (Energy Lab):

Healthy bodies make a happier workplace. That’s why our Energy@Work program focuses on a more active lifestyle at companies. HealthScan is crucial in this development, as it scans the employees’ condition at every step. This way, we can develop a tailored coaching program for every organization, with specific accents – varying from nutrition to physical or mental challenges.

Test room in the Energy Lab headquarters

A good connection from the start

It all started when Codrigo’s mother company got in touch with Energy Lab. Klaas: “Bewire contacted us for an employee health program. HealthScan was still at an early stage then. When we brought that up, Bewire’s people suggested to work together on the application’s development. As we felt a good connection, we immediately seized the opportunity. Something we didn’t regret: Codrigo tackled the project in an agile and thorough way.”

From wish list to real application

Codrigo’s athletes deserve gold, according to Energy Lab. Klaas: “Codrigo managed to turn our wish list into a real, performing application. All of this within timing and budget. New features were released at various stages, so we could always give our input. What’s also striking, is that communication happened in a clear, transparent way. Codrigo really knows how to speak the client’s language. Moreover, we truly felt Codrigo’s enthusiasm for the application. They didn’t give us just 100%, but 105%. Many companies make that claim, but Codrigo really does it.”

A view of desktop version of the HealthScan application

HealthScan ensures healthier employees

So what does the future bring? Klaas: “HealthScan is now ready to go. Thanks to Codrigo, we have a product we strongly believe in. It’s up to us to make sure that an increasing amount of people will benefit from it. And this is only the beginning: we’ve got plenty of plans for more applications and services. So that more and more employees can enjoy a healthy lifestyle at a dynamic workplace!

A girl filling in the HealthScan application on a mobile device
“We truly felt Codrigo’s enthusiasm for the application. They didn’t give us just 100%, but 105%. Many companies make that claim, but Codrigo really does it”

— Klaas De Waele

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