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Codrigo is an agile software factory that turns your business challenge into a high quality and future proof software solution

We believe that bringing highly motivated people with different personalities and the right skills into an agile team is the key to success in tackling any challenge.

We will support you from business idea until long after delivery, that's because you are a partner to us, not a customer!

Main reasons of project failure

Icon Budget overrun

Budget overrun

Icon Lead time too long

Lead time too long

Icon No clear business view

No clear business view


No focus

No clear scope

Lack of correct skills

How we deal with this

Icon Business Case

Business case

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Icon First meeting

First meeting

What, how, budget

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Agile workshop

Interview, brainstorm, proof of concept, flowcharts

Common objectives
Icon Team alignment

Team alignment

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Icon Short releases

Short releases

Most Valuable Features

High business value, Low risk, High visibility, Shorter lead times

Improving productivity by focussing on people

Our talented and motivated people are our biggest asset, those people are a team, they have a common goal and treat each other with great respect.

Nothing beats self organizing teams where leadership emerges from within every person.
This results in people learning from each other and developing new skills.

The only way to achieve highly productive teams, is by having satisfied and highly enthusiastic people together!



Business added value by continually improving workflow

  • Project steps
  • Your profit

Business case

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Agile requirements gathering

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Build most valuable features

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Release to customer

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Warranty and support

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Business case

In our first meeting we will get to know each other and exchange our visions, and explain you how and why our agile approach works.

We want to understand your business challenge and acquire as many information as possible, so we get a high level view of your business needs.

We support you in this process, we do workshops, interviews, create flowcharts and use a lot of visualisation techniques so we can see the common objectives together.


Agile requirements gathering

Software is all about supporting and improving a business process.
This phase is all about adding business value to your project.
As business changes constantly, so will your project scope do.

We will use your input to split your high level scope to multiple Minimal Viable Products (MVP’s).
These MVP’s will have their own user stories, so you will have multiple releases based by your most valuable business features.


Build most valuable features

Detailed user stories are created based on the high level scope so our software engineers can start translating
your most valuable features into a state of the art software solution.

The software development takes place with a lean approach, it will be build fast, incrementally, and with a focus on high quality.


Release to customer

The main focus of the factory team is delivering a piece of working software at the end of each iteration,
so we can demo and release the working version, and based on your feedback we learn together and achieve your goals.

We on the other side, we are already working on your next features to improve your project and release new functionalities and features based on your feedback!


Warranty and support

We’re happy to continue offering support!

You permanently keep full ownership of your product, while we continue to maintain and improve it after it’s release.

Agile Value Delivery

The essential key of software delivery is creating added business value by developing a robust, high-end and productively as possible software solution.
Knowing your complete project scope in advance is impossible, that is why we build your software in smaller, deliverable and fully working releases to ensure you a faster time to market.

We quickly demo and launch a basic version, and ensure you with a fully updated and working version every 2 to 3 weeks to measure business value and learn from your feedback.

Agile value delivery means a flexible scope, if anything in the business process changes or new insights come up, we have sufficient flexibility to change the functionalities.

  • 1Analyze

    Analyze / Iterate Business Value
  • 2Build

    Illustration Build
  • 3Develop

    Illustration Develop / code product
  • 4Measure

    Illustration Measure
  • 5Collect feedback

    Illustration Collect data / feedback
  • 6Learn


Releasable product

Transparency is a key factor to us, we believe in honesty and trust

We are convinced that a long and successful business relationship starts with honesty and trust.
Your project will be constantly monitored on budget, quality and scope, we believe that this is essential during all stages of the project.

You as a partner are a member of the team and make all the decisions about priorities and budget, but we as a software delivery specialist are always there to give you advice to choose the right path.
We want your software solution to work perfectly for your end users, and constantly improve it by focussing on your business objectives.

Being transparent goes far beyond facts and figures, at the end of each development iteration we demo you and your key users what has been build, and use all your feedback in our improvement plan, so you will see better results each time again!

scrumboard-dash live monitor

Together nothing is impossible

Building high quality and future proof software solutions requires trust, being a partner to each other is vital to us.

While you permanently keep full ownership of the software solution, we look forward to continue offering support, maintenance and improvement to your solution.

Your profit and satisfaction is crucial to us, it’s the beginning of a long term collaboration.