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Need an app that’s truly awesome? Choose wisely. Go Codrigo.

It takes technological expertise to build a good app. But it takes real dedication to make an awesome one. That’s how we see it at Codrigo. We’re the agile software factory that always goes a step further for unique software solutions.

Curious how we help you realize maximum business value? Discover how our Agile Value Delivery gets your app up and running in no time. And find out how our Codrigo Code is the key to successful partnerships. Because if you need an app, it’s better to go Codrigo.

Tired of project failure?
Codrigo will save you time & money.

Developing an application can be a tricky thing. A lack of vision may result in serious cost increases and longer lead times. It’s a scenario you want to avoid. But how? Codrigo knows how to avoid the pitfalls of development trails.

We define clear business cases and we listen to what you truly need. We put a dedicated team in place to build a tailored solution. Our Agile Value Delivery approach even ensures a quick release.

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Budget overrun

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Lead time too long

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No clear business view


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How we deal with this

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Business case

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First meeting

What, how, budget

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Agile workshop

Interview, brainstorm, proof of concept, flowcharts

Common objectives
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Team alignment

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Short releases

Most Valuable Features

High business value • Low risk • High visibility • Shorter lead times

Improving productivity by focussing on people

Our talented and motivated people are our biggest asset, those people are a team, they have a common goal and treat each other with great respect.

Nothing beats self organizing teams where leadership emerges from within every person.
This results in people learning from each other and developing new skills.

The only way to achieve highly productive teams, is by having satisfied and highly enthusiastic people together!

Rani - Codrigo team member
Team meeting at codrigo
Ben - Codrigo team member

Your profit is important to us, that’s why we optimize our workflow.

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Creating the business case

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Gathering requirements

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Building the most valuable features

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Rapid first release

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Warranty and support

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Creating the business case

In our first meeting, we start out by getting to know each other better. We exchange visions and explain all the details of our agile approach.

During this kickoff, we are all ears. As we truly want to understand your business challenges, we listen closely to your story. We collect as much information as possible to get a clear view on your needs and expectations. We’ll do everything it takes to create a solid business case. We organize workshops and interviews. We create flowcharts and graphics to visualize our common objectives.


Gathering requirements

Of course, your software should support and improve your business processes. However, business changes continuously. And so should your project scope.

Based on your input, we will therefore split your high-level scope into multiple Minimal Viable Products (MVP’s). Each of these MVP’s will have their own user stories. This will result in various releases, which will be defined by your most valuable business features.


Building the most valuable features

Based on the high-level scope, we now create detailed user stories. Then our software engineers can start translating your most valuable features into a state-of-the-art software solution.

We will develop your software in a lean and flexible way. It will be built fast, efficiently and with a strong focus on quality.


Rapid first release

Within a few weeks, our team develops a first demo for you to test and approve. Once that’s good to go, we launch your first version. In short: your app will be up and running in no time!

However, we keep on moving. Based on your ongoing feedback and insights, we will release newer versions, resulting in a continuously improving app!


Warranty and support

This is not where the story ends. At Codrigo, we invest in long-term partnerships and far-reaching service. We’re happy to offer you continued support! While you keep the ownership of your product, we will keep on maintaining and improving it, even long after its release.

Agile Value Delivery gets you up and running faster.

When you need an application, you need it now. So why would you wait for months, making vague presumptions about the future? At Codrigo, we don’t like guessing. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and get down to it. Our Agile Value Delivery approach ensures that you get up and running in no time, while checking all the quality boxes.

In fact, we develop and launch a first version of your application in just a few weeks. We then regularly release updated versions, based on new insights and learnings. This flexible model combines best of both worlds: faster time-to-market as well as top effectiveness, resulting in maximum business value.

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    Analyze / Iterate Business Value
  • 2Build

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  • 3Measure

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  • 4Collect feedback

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  • 5Learn


Releasable product

The key of our unique approach?
We call it our Codrigo Code.

At Codrigo, we know our code. We’ve got all the technical skills to deliver great software. But what truly sets us apart, is our way of working. It’s a unique approach that transcends technicalities. We call it our very own Codrigo Code. Curious? Get a glimpse here. But to truly crack our code, you’ll need to start working with us.

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Real transparency

The Codrigo Code is one we happily share. It’s about talking a language we all understand, resulting in honest communication. That’s why we engage in a close dialogue with you to guarantee full transparency and trust. At every step, demos will ensure that you remain in the loop. And while we give tailored advice, we sincerely listen to your feedback. All of this with a continued focus on your project’s budget, quality and scope.

Focusing on people

Building great software takes more than technological expertise alone. You need motivated professionals who feel valued and challenged. That’s why we stimulate our people to make a difference. They are encouraged to come up with ideas, share learnings and show true leadership. The result: highly productive, self-steering teams.

Solid partnerships

Finally, the Codrigo Code is also a code of honor. We take pride in going the extra mile for our partners. To us, delivering the required solution is only a start. While you keep full ownership of your application, we will continue offering support, maintenance and ongoing improvement. Because we’re in this together.

Together nothing is impossible

Building high quality and future proof software solutions requires trust, being a partner to each other is vital to us. While you permanently keep full ownership of the software solution, we look forward to continue offering support, maintenance and improvement to your solution. Your profit and satisfaction is crucial to us, it’s the beginning of a long term collaboration.